About a year and a half ago I decide I needed to explore the art of yoga.  At age 58 I hadn't ever even tried the practice and decided I needed some one-on-one instruction prior to joining a group class.  One of my best friends had studied with Lisa and encouraged me to give her a try.  It became quickly apparent that she was a godsend!  What a spirit, what an inspiration!  And I learned that the art of yoga is just that, and that the personal approach was the best approach.  No need to look any further, I'd found the best teacher.  While I'm still a novice and learn from Lisa with each visit, I'm still inspired to learn from her, be in her presence and allow her to show me my best light! You're a doll!, Pam

A few testimonials from some of Lisa's clients.....


We are 80 years old and have been with Lisa for 5 months.  We are very happy and satisified with the results of our weekly hour with Lisa.  Some of the things we like about the sessions with Lisa are:


I’ve been studying yoga with Lisa Hafner for well over a year. When we first met, I could barely touch my knees and was stiff in my joints and had no elasticity. Now after one year of practicing yoga, my posture has improved, there is elasticity in my joints. I have new confidence in my body that has led me to different types of exercise programs. However, the best thing about studying with Lisa is her positive approach to life that is affirming and allows you to expand your heart and your mind. This is not just yoga; this is the introduction of a new way to think about yourself and your relationship to others. A. Kaye


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Yoga helped me find my life! I was searching, looking for inner peace, clarity and personal understanding. I feel so fortunate to have crossed paths with Lisa at the beginning of this journey. Her unique and comprehensive insight into teaching helped me lay a life long foundation to establish this new path. Her persona inspires one to do their very best. A practice session with her is an injection of inspiration that is always personally challenging, leaving you with an appetite to achieve and grow. Her amazing devotion to the Yogic sciences shines brightly with the phenomenal amount of energy and love infused into the practice she teaches. For Lisa the norm is to be awesome! She initiates, takes action and plots her own course through the norms of mediocrity. Her guidance along your Yogic path will help you change who you thought you were, give you back your life and enable you to find the dynamic being you were born to be! I am eternally grateful for the guidance of Lisa throughout my journey of transformation. I have learned so much about Yoga and myself; Lisa truly is an angel with a gift.

Peace, Love and Light , Yoga Adhyapak, Bubba

I can say without any qualifications that you have been extremely helpful in restoring my normal gait following my hip fracture and replacement. I have enjoyed working with you because you are cheerful and you do not hurt. Regards, Jack

When I first met Lisa, my goal was to lose weight and get physically fit. In my mind, that meant workouts using weights and performing cardio exercises. She soon convinced me to incorporate yoga into my routine. I used to think that yoga was more about meditation and spiritual awareness rather than a physical workout. It is both. She taught me that yoga is about getting your mind in tune with your body. Lisa does not use a one size fits all approach.  She literally studies me not only through visual observation, but by querying me about my habits like eating, sleeping and daily routines. In other words, she really does get to know you. In a year's time, I was in the best shape of my life. I've since completed two half marathons and a 26 mile hike to Machu Picchu in Peru with Lisa. If you're looking for individual and customized attention, you need to visit Lisa. You will soon have a new friend! Cindy


After a cervical injury, I thought my yoga days were over.

The personalized instruction Lisa gives is great.

It's more of a total body/mind workout.  Not only do you learn postures, but breathing, meditation, relaxation and better eating for your body.

It's totally custom and quite amazing! K